Multi Spat


At shows, these multi spatulas sell these things like hotcakes.  At least I think so; I’ve never actually sold hotcakes, so I’m not certain.  This item combines beauty, my first design requirement, and a very comfortable feel in the hand, my second requirement, with great versatility.  I call it a multispat because it is a spatula that does everything: stirring, sautéing, flipping things, icing cakes and draining water from a pan, and these are only the things I know about!  All the people I know who have one tell me they use it all the time, and some peoples say they use it every day.  Destined to be someone’s favorite tool.  Great for gifts, because they don’t have one, will use it all the time, and may very well call you up to say how much they like it!

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Cherry, Tiger, Maple, Birds Eye Maple


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