Left Handed Saute Spoons


For sautéing left handed mushrooms and onions and such.  This 10” left handed wooden sauté spoon is curved to fit your hand and has a small, shallow bowl a bit less than 2” wide.  Good for pushing your onions and mushrooms around the pan.  If you have any righties in your house, this will be your spoon, and they won’t be stealing it!  I made one to replace an old one a friend had worn out, but he told me it was too beautiful to use, so I tried to make him an ugly he would be willing to use.  When I gave it to him and said I had made him an ugly one, he said “I’m afraid you failed.”  It’s a sad thing to be unable to make an ugly spoon even when I’m trying!

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Cherry, Birdseye Maple, Satine, Sapele, Jatoba, Zebrawood


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